Goulds Trash Hog

Trash Hog

Goulds Trash Hog® is designed for superior solids handling capability, optimum pump performance and extreme ease of maintenance for a wide range of industrial, pulp and paper, mining and municipal wastewater services. Whether handling raw sewage, sludge, debris or plant wastes, there’s no other pump that compares to the Trash Hog®.

Capacities to 6000 GPM (1363 m3/h)
Heads to 140 feet (43 m)
Temperatures to 225° F (107° C)
Pressures to 85 PSIG (586 kPa)
Suction Lifts to 25 feet (7.6 m)
Spherical Solids to 3 inches (76 mm)


Pulp and Paper Industry
Black Liquor Sump
Paper Machine Floor Sump
Knotters Discharge Pump
White Water Service

General Industry
Wash Down Sump
Food Wastes
Fish Farming
Rendering Wastes
Machine Coolant Sump

Mining & Metal Fabrication
Mine Dewatering
Mill Scale Runoff
Cutting Oil Transfer
Construction Site Dewatering

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