Goulds ITT 3180 Process Pump

The Goulds ITT 3180 models are horizontal, end-suction, centrifugal pumps designed for heavy-duty process applications.  The 3180 pump comes with a standard impeller that is an open type designed to extend pump life. Thick vanes and full back shroud provide outstanding resistance to wear and breakage or an enclosed impeller Available for services where efficiency is a consideration and enclosed design is suitable for service conditions . The pump comes with large balance holes and back pump-out vanes to reduce axial thrust and stuffing box pressure for increased bearing and seal life. The entire 3180/3185 line (33 sizes) uses just four power ends.

Capacities to 40000 GPM (9000 m3/h)
Heads to 410 feet (125 m)
Temperatures to 446° F (230° C)
Pressures to 16 bar (232 PSIG)

Digester recirculation
Make-up liquor
White liquor
Black liquor
High pressure / high temperature
pulp mill services
 Hot oil

3180 Brochure

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