A Quality Line of Pumps for Your Equipment Needs

  Van Bergen & Markson, Inc. has represented the quality MOYNO™ pump line for over sixty years. Now National Oilwell Varco (NOV) Mono™ and Moyno™ have merged, providing us with an expanded product line offering greater opportunities to service our customers. The new entity is now the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps. It also designs and manufactures a wide range of associated products including grinders, parts, and packaged solutions. These product solutions have numerous applications in water and wastewater, pulp and paper, specialty chemicals, food and beverage, mining and mineral processing, oil and gas, and energy. Under the Moyno™ banner, Van Bergen & Markson now offers the following: Small Pumps designed for dosing and metering applications.

  • Mag Drive Pumps
  • General Utility Pumps
  • Dosing/Metering Pumps

Large pumps designed for maximum performance, value and application versatility with minimal maintenance.

  • Compact C – Sealed pin joint design for a variety of applications
  • 2000 Pumps – Sealed gear joint design offers rugged and dependable performance for many applications
  • 2000 HS System – Highest pump efficiency to provide unmatched performance in solids transfer
  • L-Frame Pumps – Reliable and proven pin joint design for a variety of applications
  • Epsilon – High engineered progressing cavity pumps designed with withstand viscous, abrasive, or corrosive applications (Optional vertical mount)

EZstrip™ Pumps can be maintained-in-place. This patented design is the biggest leap forward within the PC Pump market in over 30 years.

  • EZstrip™ Transfer Pump – Sealed pin joint pump with a patented split coupling
  • EZstrip™ Cake Pump – Specially designed detachable feed chamber for high solids pumping
  • EZstrip™ TR Muncher™ – Pipeline grinder offers a competitive solutions for solids grinding and sludge conditioning

Sanitary Pumps – Designed to meet FDA requirements in a variety of food and chemical applications

  • 500 Sanitary Pumps – Compact design provides non-pulsating flow for shear sensitive applications
  • AugMentor – Designed for high viscosity materials in a variety of sanitary applications
  • Chopper Hopper – Designed to handle waste byproducts in a variety of sanitary applications
  • Sanitary Pumps – Low-shear, non-pulsating flow to meet sanitary requirements
  • Sanitary High Pressure Pumps – General purpose pump designed for sanitary requirements

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