Goulds ITT CV 3196

The CV 3196 i- FRAME is designed specifically to provide superior performance for process services containing solids. Gould’s concentric volute casing with recessed open impeller provides non clogging capability with minimal solids degradation, In addition , the CV 3196 i Frame can handle liquids entrained with air and gas. Since the induced flow or vortex impeller is recessed from the casing, velocities are low, and solids contact with the impeller is reduced, wear rate, solids degradation and shearing of liquid are minimized. The casing design is well suited to handling solids in liquid suspension. Anything that can exit the discharge will pass through the pump.


Capacities to 2700 GPM (610 m3/h)

Heads to 440 feet (134 m)

Temperatures to 500° F (260° C)

Pressures to 285 PSIG (1965 kPa)


Filter slurries


Polystyrene beads

Crystal suspensions

Screen rejects

Hydropulper pump

Sodium chlorate slurry

Fruit and vegetable suspensions

Dye liquor

Fibrous wastewater

Long fibre white water

Primary cleaner pump