Goulds ITT 3400 Series Pumps


Model Number 3409 3420 3498
Specifications Capacities to 12,000 GPM
(2725 m3/h)
Heads to 850 Ft. (260 m)
Temperatures to 250° F (120° C)
Working Pressures to 400 PSI (2758 kPa)
Capacities to 65,000 GPM (14,762 m3/h)
Heads to 400 feet (122 m)
Temperatures to 275° F (135° C)
Working Pressures to 200 PSIG (1379 kPa)
Capacities to 225,000 GPM (51,098 m3/h)
Heads to 800 Ft. (244 m)
Temperatures to 275° F (135° C)
Working Pressures to 250 PSI (1724 kPa)


Applications Process Quench water, stripper bottoms, reboiler circulation, cooling tower.
Pulp & Paper Primary and secondary cleaner, filtrate, mill water supply, fan pump, headbox supply, shower.
Primary Metals Cooling water, quench and leaching
Municipal High lift, low lift, wash water, waste water, raw water.
Power Generation Cooling tower, component cooling, service water, ash slucing, heater drain.
Marine Bilge and ballast, cargo, cooling water, fire pump.
General River water, brine, sea water.



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