Goulds ITT 3298 Chemical Process Pumps

The 3298 can handle the tough chemical services.  As a sealless design, it’s an effective alternative to pumps with mechanical seal problems.  Meets strictest EPA regulations.

Model 3298 is a sealless, close-coupled or frame-mounted, centrifugal pump with an enclosed impeller that is driven by a synchronous magnetic coupling. All sizes of the 3298 meet the dimensional standards of ANSI B73.1 except for the 1X1.5-5 and the 1.5X2-6.


Capacities to 1500 GPM (270 m3/h)

Heads to 530 feet (162 m)

Temperatures to 250° F (120° C)

Pressures to 225 PSIG (1551 kPa) 


Rail Car or Tank Unloading

Batch Chemical Process

Specialty Chemicals

Column Reflux or Bottoms

Reactor Feed

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